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Process of abortion (Kolding)

Redigeret 10 oktober, 2015, 06:26 i Åben debat om abort
Dear doctor, please help. This is first time for me, when I'd like to know how it works just in case. I read ... fbrudt.htm, but I still have some questions.

I live in Kolding and I'm an exchange student with CPR, assigned doctor and yellow card. I'm 22. With my boyfriend we would like to ask how it works.

1. Do I need to make an appointment before I go to the doctor? If yes, how many days in advance? Probably depends on each doctor, but I want to make shure how is it in Denmark.
2. What personal documents do I need? (ID card/yellow card...)
3. How many days do I need to stay in hospital if it's necessary?
4. Do I need to visit my doctor here first?
5. Where (city) can abortion happen? Kolding or in Copenhagen or where?
6. Will it be a pill or physically?

Anything else I should know? Some experiences?
Thank you very much
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